LIPAX Battery Technology


LIPAX battery pack to enhance the user experience.Life-cycle costs need to be fully considered for safety, reliability, performance, and longevity.

LIPAX Battery Technology Inc., focused on lithium-ion battery research and development, design, manufacture and services. We offer excellent safety, reliability, high performance, long life battery systems and related products and services. From mobile phones, computers, to electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage systems, battery pack has become an important part of life. Battery performance is an important basis for evaluation of related products. Lithium batteries are better than traditional lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries in a number of areas. In order to enjoy the convenience of lithium batteries, it is required to provide excellent lithium battery system design, production and services from excellent company.

  • Large-scale energy storage systems, electric vehicles and other kinds of special applications have various requirements for the battery pack. In the premise of security, price, performance, life expectancy need to be taken into account.

    12-1200VDC battery energy storage system
  • Lithium battery cell monomer is a typical chemical products. In order to securely store, use, for specific applications, the need for fast safety lithium battery safety system.

    Lithium battery pack safety system
  • It is an independent power supply system with environmental protection, economy, rationality and reliability, which can not consume fossil energy and be configured according to the load.

    Off - grid power supply system
  • Customers are the source of large data, but also the target of large data services. Unique large data frame, unique large data acquisition platform, for extrordinary data products in general.

    Large data acquisition, analysis and decision-making


" Beyond the Performance and Reliability "