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LIPAX Battery Technology Inc.,is a high-tech enterprise focusing on lithium battery and lithium battery system security, integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service.


Safety, reliability is the basic goal of lithium batteries

High security, high reliability is a common requirement for lithium batteries. "Security, reliability" is always the battery pack applications need to address the primary challenge. I lithium battery has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, no memory effect, low self-discharge rate, etc., these are the ideal power storage module requirements characteristics. Lithium batteries, since the invention, from mobile phones and other small handheld devices, to electric vehicles, large-scale energy storage system, the application scene more and more complex, the security and reliability requirements continue to increase. Daily use of data is the battery for a long time safe and reliable operation of the foundation. Application of such data is good to the key to good. With the cloud platform, the company has taken the lead in large data analysis methods used in product design, production and maintenance, services and other links. Continuously design and perfect battery pack design and battery management system according to product requirements. Fuzzy neural network and other analysis methods and control strategies are applied to continuously optimize components and system design, and continuously provide excellent battery pack products.

Long-term, large-scale applications, customers get approval

With the help of cloud platform technology, the company has taken the lead in the analysis of large data into the battery management system. For the subsequent optimization of system design, the introduction of fuzzy neural network control strategy, such as accumulation of data base. The company developed large-scale energy storage system and the corresponding management tools have been in a large state-level energy storage center has been applied and has been stable operation for many years. The company's core team to participate in research and development of automotive lithium battery pack, has been in a number of domestic and foreign commercial applications, and has been safe and stable operation. In some small dedicated lithium battery (12V-80V) applications, our products have also passed the stringent test of customers into the bulk application stage. Applied in the company's independent research and development of battery safety management software, hardware and large data platform, the earliest has been operating as planned for more than 10 years for the safety of lithium battery applications provide a solid guarantee.


Company's expertise in the field of lithium battery applications, has been a number of industry experts and a number of customer recognition.

Steady development, contribute our strength for the application of lithium batteries.