LIPAX Battery Technology


Lithium battery products and services

12 - 1200V, large, medium and small lithium battery pack and user interface. Large and medium - sized lithium battery safety management system.


Low voltage, 12 - 72 VDC

Hand-held equipment, industrial and civilian robots, small auxiliary vehicle power supply and power supply equipment. Weight less than or equal to 10 kg. The capacity is 2Ah - 40Ah / 120 Wh - 2 kWh. The initial operating temperature is 0 - 40 ℃. The battery life expectancy is 200-500 cycles.


Medium voltage, 96 - 650 VDC

Medium and large equipment standby power supply, industrial robot walking device, small and medium-sized vehicle drive equipment. Weight about tens to hundreds of kilograms. The capacity is 20Ah - 200Ah / 3 kWh - 150 kWh. Starting temperature -20 - 40 ℃. The battery life expectancy is 500 - 3000 cycles.


High voltage, 400 - 1200 VDC

Large-scale, grid-level energy storage system, large-capacity dedicated backup power supply device. Weight about tens to hundreds of kilograms. The capacity is 200Ah - 2000Ah / 500 kWh - 10 MWh. The initial operating temperature is -40 - 60 ℃. Battery life expectancy 2000 - 10000 cycles.


Special lithium battery pack

Low temperature environment (-60 ~ -20 ℃), high temperature environment (40 ~ 80 ℃), high humidity, high salt, underwater, vibration and other harsh industrial and mining battery. According to different application requirements, so that the work of lithium batteries to meet the system requirements.


Lithium battery safety system

Large and medium-sized lithium battery pack, the number of single cells. Due to the characteristics of lithium battery monomer, life failure rate of 0.3 - dozens of ppm. Lithium battery safety system can predict, judge, isolate fault lithium battery. Security system


Full life data service

High-quality, long-term, full coverage of data services, are necessary conditions for excellent lithium battery design, production and service. From the physical model to the mathematical model, further to the logical model. The cloud platform for large data analysis methods is applied to provide value-added services.